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Patkanyinvazio2 Teljes, Teljes Film Magyarul Videa

Scratch: The New Sound of Terror
Titolo originale: Ratten 2 - Sie kommen wieder! ( Film )

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Scratch: The New Sound of Terror    07 October 2004

07 October 2004

TMDb: 4.7/10 3 votes

Patkanyinvazio2 Teljes - Scratch: The New Sound of Terror teljes film magyarul, Scratch: The New Sound of Terror magyar film hd online

In this sequel to Revenge of the Rats (Ratten - sie werden dich kriegen), Frank and Katrin return to Frankfurt to stop the scientist responsible for unleashing the plague of genetically mutated vermin upon the city.

Revenge of the Rats
Titolo originale: Ratten - sie werden dich kriegen! ( Film )

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Revenge of the Rats    17 October 2001

17 October 2001

TMDb: 4.5/10 4 votes

Patkanyinvazio2 Teljes - Revenge of the Rats teljes film magyarul, Revenge of the Rats magyar film hd online

A municipal worker's strike combined with Frankfurt's hottest summer in 150 years brings infected rats out onto the streets.